• Non-contact profiling of structures enclosed in a transparent material
  • Multi-surface software accurately measure layer thicknesses and embedded channel width and depth


Analysis of the multi-surface image, showing the cover plate thickness (93.4 μm) and channel depth (59.2 μm).

Embedded structure profiling

A standard feature of the Zeta non-contact optical profilers is its ability to accurately measure 3D structures buried underneath a transparent cover plate.

Analysis of the multi-surface image, showing the cover plate thickness (93.4 μm) and channel depth (59.2 μm).


High aspect ratio trench

With the patented high efficiency white light illuminator from Aeta, high aspect ratio trenches on MEMS devices can be accurately profiled.


Microneedles are being manufactured from a variety of materials, including polymers, silicon and metals. Production techniques vary from thermal drawing, centrifuge molding, and laser drilling. Microneedles can be solid, coated, hollow or dissolving. Additionally, large array structures and steep dimensions present challenges for many microscopy techniques.

Zeta Instruments’ patented ZDot™ imaging technology is immune to the shortcomings of traditional microscopy techniques, and is the perfect solution to monitoring production of microneedles as the industry ramps up production.

Typical Microneedle Fabrication Measurements

Cross Section Silicon Microneedle

Wall Angle, Width & Height Metal Microneedle

Tip Radius & Wall Angle Polymer Microneedle

Case Study: Microneedle Research & Development

Courtesy of Professor James Birchall, Cardiff University, UK

A world-renown research university has multi- year grants to study microneedle based drug and vaccine delivery.

Various designs of microneedles have been explored, including such disparate materials as polymers, silicon and metal. Different materials may be suited for different types of microneedles: biodegradable arrays, coated microneedles, hollow microneedles for liquid delivery and simply pathway creation via solid microneedles.

Using a Zeta-20 3D Optical Profiler, images at right show profiles of early-stage microneedle development using various materials. The Zeta-20 can image dark silicon, plastic and shiny metal surfaces with ease.

Microneedle 3D data

Material: Polycarbonate
Measurements on a Zeta-20

Microneedle 3D data

Material: Silicon
Measurements on a Zeta-20

Microneedle Profile

Material: Metal
Measurements on a Zeta-20


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