Our customers come to us with a variety of metrology and inspection challenges.

Our broad range of multi-mode non-contact optical profilers and wafer defect inspections systems provide them the critical toolset to meet their measurement requirements. By delivering accurate, repeatable and user friendly solutions Zeta Instruments helps improve the efficiency of our customer's R&D and manufacturing efforts.


The Zeta multi-mode non-contact optical profiler is so powerful and easy to use, our operators love it. I am so happy with the decision we made to purchase the Zeta-580 for our new fab.

− Fab Manager -

Advanced Packaging Fab
Changhwa City, Taiwan

The diversity and speed of the Zeta are unmatched qualities of this system that make it indispensable in the lab. The customer service is fast and helped us even with the most unique and special requests we had, including personal software updates.

– Florian Stumpf –

Fraunhofer Institute IISB

The Zeta non-contact optical profiler is the workhorse of our lab. While we own many other tools, including AFMs and SEMs, we always start with the Zeta and do most of our work on it.

– Dr Alex J. Goddard –

Department of Chemistry
University of Leicester, UK

We tried using our interferometer to profile an important transparent sample with low-contrast topography, but were unable to focus. With the Zeta non-contact optical profiler, we were able to completely characterize the sample in a few minutes.

– Dr. Antonio J. López –

King Juan Carlos University
Móstoles, Spain

The Zeta system in our lab is in high demand for multiple projects. We hardly use our SEM anymore for micrometer scale studies.

– Dr. Jose F. Fernández –

Ceramic and Glass Institute, CSIC
Madrid, Spain

Unlike other non-contact optical profilers, the Zeta-580 can accurately measure reflowed bump height in the presence of passivation layers. We now rely on the Zeta-580 to calibrate all of our expensive bump inspection systems.

− Process Engineer -

Advanced Packaging Fab
Changhwa City, Taiwan

I love using the Zeta for teaching – not only it is high interest to students, but the quantitative data it provides makes it easy to integrate geometry, math and 3D visualization skills.

– Carol Bouvier –

Nanotechnology/Biology Dept.
Wheeling HS, Illinois, USA

We use our Zeta nearly every day and rely on it for quick measurements and sample characterization. It suits our needs perfectly. We were especially impressed by Zeta Instruments' willingness to customize.

– Rebecca Krone Kramer, Ph.D. –

Assistant Professor
Purdue University, USA