New ZMorf surface imaging and metrology software for Zeta Instruments Non-contact optical profilers

Fast, powerful 3D imaging and analysis for biotech, solar cell, LED, MEMS, data storage and other micron-scale applications

San José, California, USA and Besançon, France 22 January 2014 - Zeta Instruments and Digital Surf announced that Zeta Instruments is offering ZMorf Surface Imaging and Metrology software with its Zeta non-contact optical profilers. ZMorf is based on Digital Surf's industry-standard Mountains Technology software platform. The software provides powerful 3D surface imaging and analysis coupled with automated metrology reports and full data export for specific applications.

pages from surface analysis reports

ZMorf surface imaging and metrology software for Zeta Instruments non-contact optical profilers: pages from surface analysis reports


In ZMorf real time 3D imaging of surface topography at any angle and zoom level can be combined with color image overlays to speed up the identification of surface features and anomalies. Image enhancement tools reveal fine surface details and intelligent preprocessing filters correct and normalize surface data prior to analysis.

ZMorf integrates the latest standards and methods for analyzing surface texture and geometry. Surface roughness and waviness components are separated by applying advanced ISO 16610 filtering techniques and IS0 25178 3D parameters are generated. Distances, areas, volumes, step heights and coplanarity are calculated. Regions of interest can be extracted from a measured surface for independent analysis. Numerous advanced features are available including the analysis of tribological surfaces, grains and particles analysis, and 3D Fourier and wavelets analysis.

ZMorf’s smart user environment makes it possible to develop applications and generate multi-page analysis reports quickly and easily. Templates automate the analysis of similar measurement data sets and common sequences of analysis steps can be saved for reuse at any time. All numerical results are accessible in a single results manager panel and can be exported for post-processing by complementary application-specific software or 3rd party software. Images and documents can be exported in standard formats for easy publication.

The ZMorf software is available on three levels for Zeta Instruments non-contact optical profilers. ZMorf Standard contains a standard set of features for surface imaging and analysis. ZMorf Advanced and the all-in ZMorf Premium package include features for advanced and specialized applications. A number of optional modules are available for users who want to extend ZMorf Standard and Advanced.

"Based on Digital Surf's proven Mountains Technology, ZMorf is the perfect addition to Zeta Instruments non-contact optical profilers, providing users with comprehensive imaging and analysis tools that can be used to develop applications really fast," stated Vamsi Velidandla, Vice President of Marketing at Zeta Instruments.

"Users of Zeta Instruments non-contact optical profilers will benefit from the latest generation of Mountains Technology with a new smart user interface designed to make imaging and analysis as straightforward as possible, which fits with Zeta's philosophy of spending more time measuring and analyzing your samples and less time learning how to use your tools,” stated François Blateyron, Chief Operating Officer at Digital Surf.

Zeta Instruments will unveil ZMorf at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, February 1-6, 2014.

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Zeta Instruments is a leading provider of precision microstructure and surface measurement systems that enable manufacturers of green-technology and bio-medical products to substantially improve yields and quality control. Zeta’s advanced metrology solutions provide direct benefit to the production of high-brightness LEDs, solar cells, micro-fluidics/bio-technology and magnetic storage media. The company’s patented Z-Dot™ technology enables manufacturers to quickly and accurately perform 3D measurement of the micron-scale features of these applications, positioning it as a strategic supplier to these high-growth industries.

Zeta Instruments is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California and is led by a team of experienced executives with senior management and technical expertise from globally recognized Silicon Valley-based industrial systems companies.


Digital Surf, founded in 1989, specializes in providing surface imaging and metrology software for all types of surface metrology instrument including 2D and 3D profilometers, optical microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, scanning electron microscopes and hyperspectral instruments. Imaging and analysis software based on Digital Surf’s Mountains Technology® is integrated by leading instrument manufacturers and is used in thousands of laboratories and industrial facilities working in numerous sectors including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, cosmetics, energy, MEMS, materials research, medical, metallurgy, nanotechnology, optics, paper, PCB, plastics, polymers, printing, semiconductor, etc.



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