Zeta Instruments Announces Nomarski Imaging Option for Zeta-20

The advanced imaging and measurement capabilities of the Zeta 20 have been augmented with an available Nomarski/DIC option that permits imaging of low-contrast samples that are difficult to measure using traditional optics. This option combines the 3D measurement and visualization functionality of the Zeta 20 with Differential Interference Contrast microscopy to allow you to produce 3D models of transparent or low-contrast features such as etched glass, plastics, bacteria, and other samples with similar characteristics.

Our Zeta 20 using this technique permits imaging and roughness measurements of compound semiconductor wafers such as GaN and SiC, and can also be used to resolve fine surface scratches or locate defects and dislocations within crystal structures.

The Nomarski option requires special factory-fitted optics and cannot be field-retrofitted.