Zeta Announces Zeta-200 Non-contact Optical Profiler for Automated Substrate Metrology

Accompanying the launch of the Zeta 20 optical profilometer, Zeta Instruments is announcing the Zeta-200 which will be available Q2 2010. The Zeta 200 builds upon the wide range of surface imaging capabilities of the Zeta 20 by adding automated substrate metrology functionality.

The Zeta 200 combines the speed and high-roughness imaging technology of the Zeta 20 with a motorized XY stage and accompanying control and positioning software. The Zeta 200 has production-oriented software that further enhances the sub-minute data collection speed of the Zeta 20 by enabling users to pre-program scan algorithms that execute a regular and repeatable sequence of measurements on a series of test samples. Images are analyzed and feature height and roughness data is automatically exported to a file format that is compatible with most spreadsheets and statistical process control programs.

"The Zeta 200 is a significant step in the evolution of metrology systems towards lower cost of ownership and improved measurement efficiency for micro-manufacturing processes," says Rusmin Kudinar, President of Zeta Instruments. "Our systems provide leading-edge metrology solutions with a total cost of ownership and price/performance level that is unmatched in the industry."