Zeta Announces the ground-breaking Zeta-20 imaging and metrology microscope

Zeta Instruments enters the metrology and instrumentation market with its high-performance Zeta 20 3D imaging and metrology tool. The Zeta 20 is unique among its peers by virtue of its ability to create 3D visualization images in true color and also provide quantitative measurements with a vertical resolution of 70nm. The Zeta 20 is a very flexible tool that can measure features that vary from millimeter to sub-micron sizes and provides the functionality of an imager and profiler in a single system.

Unlike other systems that only deliver images, the Zeta 20 also provides accurate quantitative measurement capabilities:

  • Rapid data capture (~1 minute)
  • Non-contact, non-destructive measurements
  • Step height/width
  • Linear and areal surface roughness
  • Pitch and size measurements for patterned surfaces
  • Large area statistics on surface textures
  • Manual image stitching for large area 3D visualization

Zeta 20 Data Screen