Optical Profiler for PSS and AOI

Zeta-388 Optical Profiler for PSS and AOI


Fully automated inspection and metrology solution optimized for examining HBLED wafers such as patterned sapphire substrates (PSS)

Based on Zeta’s revolutionary multi-mode approach to measurements, the Zeta-388 packs the power of 5 separate metrology tools into one compact platform. An advanced software suite built on patented algorithms automates process critical measurements such as the height, pitch and diameter of PSS bumps. The same platform can be used for automated defect inspection to find missing PSS structures, bridging, tear out and contamination.

PSS Metrology

Preset recipes can be optimized for cone, dome or flat top structures. The large field of view translates into a larger statistical dataset from hundreds of bumps. With a <20sec scan time per site and 20nm (1σ) repeatability, the Zeta-388 provides that fastest and most accurate feedback for process control when compared with competing techniques.

PSS Metrology Report Zeta-388

Zeta 388

1. Zeta3D™ Measurement Head
Configure the tool with a variety of illumination and magnification options

2. Multi Form Factor
Select 2 different wafer sizes to enable multi-form factor functionality with no hardware change

3. Fast Handler
Compact design, precision motion and speed enable a high throughput

4. Flat or Notch Finder
Dedicated flat or notch finder for each measurement head

5. Cassette Mapper
Individual cassette mapper on each port to allow proper wafer transfer as well as binning and sorting

Defect Inspection

Defect Scans can be optimized based on throughput and sensitivity requirements. Production scans can be run as fast as <3 minutes for a 6‐inch round wafer. The Zeta3D™ software can bin out defects based on their optical signature such as intensity, dimensions and color.

PSS types Zeta-388


Shorten the lead time for process feedback, saving valuable time. The Zeta-388 equipped with the auto defect review feature saves time and simplifies defect analysis.

The 3D images and analysis from the Zeta-388 provide the answers for most defects. This reduces the number of defects that need to be reviewed by the time-consuming and expensive AFM or SEM analysis.

PSS Detect Classify Review


The Zeta3D software has a simple and intuitive user interface for data acquisition and analysis. A short learning curve for engineers and operators leads to better productivity.


The high resolution 3D optical profiler takes less than 20 sec per measurement. PSS cone height, diameter and pitch can be measured and the wafer inspected for defects without the need to unload and move it to a new tool.


The Zeta-388 meets Class 100 standards and can be equipped with a multi form-factor handler with pre-aligner and ionizer. The comprehensive Zeta3D software completes the fab ready package.

Multi-Mode Optics for any type of measurement

The Zeta-388 is available with several advanced imaging techniques:

  • ZDot™ innovative 3D imaging is standard on all our non-contact optical profilers. The ZDot technology enables True Color Imaging and a 13nm step resolution.
  • ZiC enhanced differential Interference Contrast Imaging is great for nanometer level surface roughness even over a 4.5mm field of view.
  • ZSi Shearing Interferometer provides Angstrom level vertical resolution on the smoothest of surfaces over a large field of view.
  • ZX5 Vertical Scanning Interferometry is ideal for measuring nanometer heights over 4.5mm field of view.
  • ZFT Visible range integrated Spectroscopic Reflectometer for thin film thickness, reflectivity and refractive index measurements.

High Brightness LED

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