Zeta’s Automated Optical Inspection option combines Metrology and Defect Inspection into one efficient, cost effective, and powerful system.

The 2.8MPix high resolution camera on the Zeta Non-contact Optical Profiler combined with a suitable imaging objective, allows the tool to scan >8mm field of view in each frame. A 4inch wafer can be scanned in less than 90 seconds, with a defect sensitivity of 1μm.

Measurement results from both Metrology and Inspection can be combined to grade and sort your products automatically without the tedious data management from various separate tools.

This combination lowers the cost of inspection as optics, handlers, and software cost can be shared.

AOI + Metrology also minimizes handling of your products, lowering risk of handling damage and contamination.

Typical Optical Parameters
Objective 2.5X
Camera 2/3 inch
FoV 8mm