Difficult surfaces made easy with Zeta’s ZDot™ Optics

  • Very rough surface
  • Very dark surface
  • Deep trenches
  • Multi layer transparent surfaces

Our patented ZDot™ enables our non-contact optical profilers to measure surfaces other systems can not even see.

The ZDot™ zstarts with an advanced illumination and Optical design that is significantly more efficient than a conventional microscope. Within this illumination path, we added a precision focusing pattern, the ZDots. It allows the system to reliably and accurately detect the surface (even very rough or very dark surfaces). This innovative optical design combined with our proprietary algorithms results in a very flexible system that is highly tolerant of the sample surface variation, without any loss of resolution.

Typical Optical Parameters
Objective Mag 5X to 100X
Field of View 100 μm to 4.5 mm
Z Sensivity 10nm

“Difficult Surface” Measurement

Measuring the very bright metal contact line on a very dark surface of a solar cell reliably presents a challenge to most non-contact optical profilers.

The innovative ZDot technology made it possible for Zeta to offer a solution that has become the industry standard in solar cell industry for monitoring metal finger and bus bar quality in production.

A 3rd Dimension for Microscopy

Compared to an conventional microscope, Zeta digital images provide an “infinite” depth of focus showing your entire 3D surfaces clearly in sharp focus.