DIC (differential interference contrast) is a purely qualitative imaging option available on many common optical microscopes.

Zeta has taken this capability to the next level, offering its users the ability to convert the high resolution interference contrast images into quantitative surface roughness numbers. The ZIC option allows the inspection of super smooth surface roughness of the order of 5Å. Critical defects on wafers and disk substrates such as thin film contaminants can be easily images and measured with the ZiC option.

Typical Optical Parameters
Objective Mag 5X to 100X
Field of View 90 μm to 4.5 mm
Z Sensivity < 3 Å

Defect Inspection

Monolayer contaminants are extremely hard to detect with conventional microscopes or defect inspect ion tools. The ZIC option on Zeta Non-contact Optical Profilers makes it easy to visualize AND quantify monolayer contaminants on substrates such as wafers and disk media. Features with heights as small as 5Å can be reliably detected with the ZIC technique. When combined with Zeta’s automated recipes, the ZIC technique offers a unique defect inspection capability that is unparalleled in the metrology field.

Quantitative analysis of a stain on a Silicon wafer

The organic stain is about 5 to 7nm thick.