Vertical Scanning Interferometer

ZX5 & ZX100

Zeta ZX5 optics combines the sensitivity of a Michelson interferometer with our true color imaging.

It is ideal for measuring nanometer level heights over large area

Typical Optical Parameters
Objective Mag 5X to 100X
Field of View 4.5 mm to 90 μm
Z Sensivity < 1nm

Air Bearing Surfaces

Air bearing surfaces of the read/write head are precisely machined to control the fly-height as the head glides over the surface of the magnetic media inside a disk drive

Step: 0.25 μm
Overall size: ~ 1 mm x 1 mm

“Ski-Jump” on a Hard Disk Drive Substrate

ZX5 enables large area imaging with nanometer level resolution. Shown on the left is the image of solar bare silicon wafer exhibiting uneven surface roughness.

Image of a “ski-jump” on a hard disk drive substrate. The 4.5mm X 3.7mm image has the vertical sensitivity of a few nm and can be used to detect the roll-off profiles at the edge of the disks.